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So if you’re looking at this list and thinking that it’s maybe a bit much, you’re right. Book blogging takes a lot of work, buddy! I was going through my social media accounts for Truly Booked and realized that I have a ton of accounts. On top of that, I have more active accounts for this book blog than I do for my personal life.

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PageHabit – Literary Fiction: June Unboxing

I have a book subscription box addiction and I think I need help. Send help, they are draining me dry! I had already sworn off buying any more book boxes for awhile when I found out about PageHabit. I had already subscribed to three different book boxes within a month and I was starting to reach the end of my disposable income in a big bad way, but PageHabit… ugh, how could you say no?

Getting a handwritten letter from an author is special enough, but some genius decided to add in sticky notes that the author has written so you get little annotations. It’s like that show from way back when where they would play music videos and have facts/trivia pop up during them.

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The Wordy Traveler: June Unboxing

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a junkie for nonfiction that has us travelling around the world, so when I heard about The Wordy Traveler crate, I knew that I had to have it.

The crate focuses in on helping out armchair explorers while also giving back to the communities through donations. So not only did I get some awesome books to read, but I’d get ethically sourced tea, and be able to send money toward a child.

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