About Us


Lindsay has been addicted to books all her life and loves opening a book to step into another world. She has a B.A. in English Literature and a need for stories that can’t be sated. A marketer by day, at night Lindsay turns into a reading machine, tending to finish two to three books a week on average.

Her taste in books runs into everything and she will give almost everything a shot, but her favourite genres tend to be literary fiction, adventurous non-fiction (that reads like fiction), science fiction, fantasy, and young adult. Bonus points if it has a female lead, LGTBQ main characters or queer-focused narratives, or an unusual family.

She currently heads up one book club that is comprised of her coworkers and meets once per month.

Current obsession? Ru Paul’s Drag Race!


Tahera goes in and out of reading moods, but she comes to the world of book reviewing with a fresh perspective. She loves books and movies that are so terrible they’re fun and has a B.A. in Political Science. A travel writer in her day job, Tahera fits in reading when she’s able to find the time, working on creating a new reading habit.

Tahera’s taste in books tends to be romance and romantic comedy, but she also loves thrillers, crime, and young adult novels.

Her current obsession is starting every sentence with “It’s so cold!”