About Me

My name is Lindsay and I have been addicted to books all my life. Whether it’s a physical copy or an e-book, I love the excitement that comes with opening up a book and stepping into another world. I have a B.A. in English Literature and a need to read that can’t be sated.

I am a marketer by day, but by night I turn into a reading machine. I tend to finish two to three books a week on average. If I were a superhero, reading would be my superpower. It’s not the flashiest power by any means, but I have access to all the knowledge in the world and can travel to faraway places simply by cracking open a book.

My taste in books runs into everything and I will give almost everything a shot, but my favourite genres tend to be literary fiction, adventurous non-fiction (that reads like fiction), science fiction, fantasy, and young adult. Bonus points if it has a female lead, LGTBQ main characters or queer focused narratives, or an unusual family.

I currently head up one book club that is comprised of my coworkers and meets once per month.