Radical Candor Review TrulyBooked Boss

Book Review: Radical Candor Calls Out Bad Bosses

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a bad boss. It’s a universal feeling. Some of use even know what it’s like to be the bad boss or to struggle with feeling like you’re doing a bad job. Kim Malone Scott’s Radical Candor addresses these feelings head on. She’s not here to judge you, just to look at the problems and fix them.

While it could be easy to look at the title of Radical Candor and boil it down to bosses being too direct jerks, that’s not what this is about. It’s really an antidote to a lot of the toxicity of the workplace. I don’t even know if I think Radical Candor itself is the exact thing that most offices need, but the book should be read regardless.

I’m not huge on self-help books. I have nonfiction books I love, but self-help in general is hit or miss. Radical Candor, however, has a universal feel to it.

We need to fix our office cultures and while offering bagel Fridays is nice, Radical Candor can help with the deeper problems.

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