Masterpost: The Little House Read-A-Long

In early 2023, I decided that I was going to really go past the bubble that surrounds Laura Ingalls-Wilder’s Little House books. I wanted to learn more about the history of the time, about the descriptions that helped a whole cottage-core aesthetic and about Laura Ingalls-Wilder herself.

Trying to find more resources on Little House on the Prairie? Maybe wanting to start a read-a-long of your own? Here’s where to start:

The Read-a-long

The Read-a-long Rules + Bingo

Videos to Check Out

Early American’s Youtube Channel

Bernadette Banner: Investigation of a Sewing Machine from 1867

Bernadette Banner: Instructions on how to make an apron from scratch

Bernadette Banner: Making an Victorian Coat

Tasting History with Max Miller: Johnny Appleseed

Pioneer PBS: Growing vegetables in an 1800s Prairie Garden

Prairie Public: Homesteading

Crash Course History: Westward Expansion

Fun Stuff!

Little House on the Prairie Bingo

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