Review Policy

Thank you for considering me as potential reviewer for your novel/novels! Please read the information below before submitting a request for review.

It’s important to me that my reviews are honest and upfront. Therefore every review where I receive a review copy will include a disclaimer above the fold.

I will always write reviews that are true to my own feelings. If I hated a book, I will say so. While I will not personally attack an author and while I will remain polite, I reserve the right to be critical about review copies that I have received. If you are sensitive to criticism we may not be a good fit.

If I accept a review copy of a book, this does not guarantee that it will be finished. I do strive to finish each and every book that I start, but if I have read 20% of the book (dependent on length) and I feel like it’s a slog, I will usually put it aside. There may be no reviews for books I did not finish, but I will notify the provider of the review copy by email.

When contacting me for a review, please include the following in your request:

1) Title of the Book and a short synopsis.
2) Length of book in pages, not words.
3) Time frame for the review (if there is one)


Every review in which I had a review copy sent to me will include a disclosure statement above the fold. All content and opinions in these reviews belong to me.

Rating System

I rate books based on a 10 point scale where 10 is the best and means the book is highly recommended. This scale reflects my own personal feelings on the novel and may not match up with the general consensus on other review sites.