The STranger In the Woods TrulyBooked Review

Book Review: The Stranger in the Woods

I can’t be the only one who’s thought about just disappearing into the woods before, right? We think about what it would be like to disconnect from a fast-paced world and for me, at least, know that we’d never be able to do it. Me becoming a hermit in the woods would be a fast track to me being dead in the woods. But in The Stranger in the Woods, we learn the story of Michael Knight. A man who not only managed to survive, but thrive living in the woods for over 25 years.

Slowly, through this book we’re able to peel away the layers of what makes Knight who he is even as we grapple with what he did. Silence is a punishment for most. Solitary confinement is considered one of the greatest punishments for prison inmates. We’re social creatures, but Michael Knight was able to make it through with his sanity intact.

So what knowledge of the universe does the hermit have to give us? What advice and wisdom does he want us to hear?

None. Michael Knight didn’t do any of this for our sake.

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