#DACreads: A Month of Murder with Into the Water

Into the Water
By Paula Hawkins
Mystery, Thriller
Into the Water
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After leaping into the future and trying to puzzle which way humanity will be going, the DAC book club needed a moment to breathe. We could read something relaxing, like a breezy romance, but instead we chose Into the Water, a novel about murder. This is why I love my book club people. You’ve really touched my heart.

I wasn’t into the thriller genre until Gone Girl made a splash, but now I find myself addicted. The first Mystery Thriller that I read with a female protagonist was Girl on the Train, so it seems fitting to return to Paula Hawkins again in the book club.

The gist of Into the Water is that a single mother is found in the bottom of a river. That would be disturbing enough, but she’s not the first to have been taken by the river.

Her daughter, orphaned, is taken in by her aunt. An aunt who had run away from this place and who is being dragged back to what could be the death of her.

What happened to the woman in the river and what will happen to those left behind?

I can’t give much more of a synopsis than that since this is a mystery and saying more than that would probably give things away, but needless to say, I’m psyched for this book.

When it comes to the darker side of humanity, I’ve always been curious and from experience with other mystery thrillers written by women… this is going to be a roller coaster ride. If you have a favourite mystery thriller, please comment down below. I’m always looking for new books to read.

Until the review comes around, I’ll leave you with these beautiful and poignant words that we should all live by:

Into the Water

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