Trick or Treat! Halloween in Fictional Worlds

Being able to trick or treat in fictional worlds is something I would never have thought of. I’m at the age where I should be the one escorting children around while they trick or treat. Rather than getting candy, I should be giving it out. Still, I love the idea of being able to step into a fictional world to get candy.

This prompt was created by Anthony at Keep Reading Forward and I’m going to add one rule to it. We’re going to assume that all of these worlds have a Halloween and understand Trick or Treating. Sound fair?

Let’s go!

Harry Potter

Due to its popularity, I’d be more surprised if a list didn’t have Harry Potter on it. After all, it’s one of the most popular book series of all time. One of the most interesting things about the Harry Potter world to me is the food that exists there. The Wizarding World came up with all sorts of things like chocolate frogs, butter beer, and beans of every flavour.

So it would definitely be a great place to trick or treat.  Wizards from Harry Potter like to show off. They like to outdo each other, and you’d better believe that the children would be happily drowning in sweets. That said, the world of Harry Potter is dangerous.

It’s a miracle that more kids aren’t killed at Hogwarts each year. All it would take is someone playing a prank to ruin Halloween.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Sticking with the theme of magic and wizards, Howl’s Moving Castle would be a fantastic place to trick or treat. I’m pretty biased. I’ve watched Studio Ghibli’s version and fell in love with the food.  But still, all those shops would be lit up in the towns. Howl could make an appearance in his moving house and Sophie could make sure that he didn’t go too overboard.

Howl would fit right in with the Harry Potter world because he too loves to show off. First, he would probably conjure some sort of spectacle. Then, he would cast a spell that created a candy storm. Then, we’d praise Howl to salve his ego so he would come again next year.

It would be a dramatic place to trick or treat, but I’d love every second of it.

FellowShip of the Ring

Honestly, this is based on a scene in the movie as well so don’t come at me. In the Fellowship of the Rings, there’s a party for Bilbo’s birthday and if they could do all that for a birthday celebration, then imagine Halloween. Imagine all the little Hobbits going from place to place. If I were to go there I would be frowned upon since I’d be so tall, but it would still be quite the sight. Maybe there would be a feast afterward or some kind of fireworks display from Gandalf.

Yes, yes, there’s this whole issue of a war for the ring of power. But surely everyone could put their differences aside for one day? All of the choices I’ve made so far have a war going on in the background.

So where would you trick or treat if you had the chance? Were your answers different?

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