The Scariest Ghost Story I’ve Ever Read

I love a good ghost story. In fact, I love most ghost stories. There’s something so satisfying about that chill running down your spine. I go back and forth on whether or not I actually believe in ghosts, but there’s no doubt I love the stories.

Most ghost stories I’ve read are enough to give a bit of a chill. There’s the sound of something in an attic, or a house which is creepy, but… I can’t relate to. I, like most people my age who are living in a city, live in an apartment. That means there’s not that much room for hauntings at all. It’s hard to be a scary ghost when I can see everything at all times.

Due to most hauntings being set in houses or castles or hotels, I get the thrill of them without being too close to them. It’s like there’s a pane of glass in between me and the ghost story. I’m there, I’m experiencing it, but I’m also 100% safe.

There’s a comic hosted on Naver that completely threw me for a loop. It’s name is the Bongcheon-Dong Ghost. There are so many things I could say about this comic, but it’s really best if you experience it for yourself.

You can find the comic for the Bongcheon-Dong Ghost here. I highly recommend you read it first.

There’s also another comic called the Ok-su Station Ghost, but it didn’t have the same impact on me.

Spoilers ahead!

Okay, so if you’re still with me I’m going to assume you read it. Or maybe don’t want to experience it yourself. The story of the Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is the story of a young woman walking home.

On her way home, she sees a woman walking strangely. For the most part she’s unnerved, but she keeps walking. Since the woman is walking slow, the girl catches up to her.

Up close, she’s even more horrific. There’s something wrong with her. Our narrator tells us: “She was wearing dirty pink pajamas and looked as if all her joints in her body had been twisted.”

It’s so strange that she can’t bring herself to pass the woman. The girl freezes in place. That’s when the woman’s head turns 180 degrees to look at the girl. The woman’s face is bloodstained and crazed. The girl stands frozen, too scared to even scream.

“WHERE IS MY BABY.” The woman asks and panicked, the girl reaches up to point in another direction. She points to a place as far as she can.

“Over there,” the girl says and watches, horrified, as the woman limped away as fast as she could in that direction. The girl watched until the woman was out of sight, too scared to take her eyes off her. She turned on her heel to run, but as she began to move she heard a scream.


The last thing the girl sees is the woman flying toward her. Her mouth is open so wide that the girl feels like she’s going to be torn apart and devoured.

“I don’t remember anything from then on.” The girl tells us. “I heard that my neighbour found me passed out on the ground and took me home.”

The story ends with an ominous bit of backstory. A woman who lost custody of her child committed suicide and now walks the streets, looking for that lost child.

So what makes these ghost stories so terrifying to me is that they’re urban. There’s no house to escape or place you can go. These ghosts are out in the street and once you bump into them, there’s no escape. You can’t run to a different house or move. You’re outside and surrounded by buildings that you can’t get into.

The same goes for the Ok-su Station Ghost. You’re in a public place and mostly alone. There is no one who would be able to save you and there’s nowhere for you to run.

Because these comics are closer to my living situation, I am more aware of them. Sometimes I’ll be walking home and a chill runs down my spine.

Do you have ghost stories you like better? Let me know! I love ghost stories.

2 thoughts on “The Scariest Ghost Story I’ve Ever Read

  1. kristina says:

    Ouuuh – I love this !!
    anything urban legend, ghost stories, creepy pastas.. i’m in ! I actually gonna bring creepy pastas reviews or something at some point on the blog xD I have it setted up but erhm.. haven’t done anything so far – Thinking this October sounds like a good timing !

    I need to go read it now!

    • trulybooked says:

      It’s stuck with me all the time! I love Crrepy pasta, but I don’t have the patience to wade through the really lame ones. So once you start that series, I’ll be watching for sure. 😀

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