The Best Bookish Gifts on Etsy

As I’ve mentioned in my Etsy book club series, I’ve been getting addicted to a lot of Etsy products. During quarantine it’s been a great way for me to explore markets from smaller creators and find some real gems. Shopping through Etsy feels like walking through a farmer’s market. You never know exactly what you’re going to find. Plus, it’s a gold mine for Bookish Gifts.

Just like my post on Book Subscription Boxes these are all gifts I’ve either received myself or bought for others. I can speak to the quality of all of these gifts. My favourite gifts can all be found on my Etsy profile, but if you want to have it all broken down, keep reading!

For full transparency, this blog post contains affiliate links. If you want to click through them, I will make a little bit of money off of your purchases. This is no extra cost to you, it just helps me keep the blog afloat! It’s a win-win where I get to make money for hosting costs and also share some really cool things that I love.

With that said, let’s go!

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Etsy Blind Dates with Books #2

Etsy Blind Dates #2: Be Good To Me Book Box

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while knows that I have an ongoing feud with the shipping costs in Canada. The TLDR of it is that it’s super expensive to ship within Canada. If you’re on a budget and want to give yourself a treat, then it can feel like your options just aren’t there. Who wants to buy a book box where the shipping is most of the cost?

More traditional book boxes have failed me, so I started looking in other places. Etsy was a really good find. While the shipping costs can still be out of control, there’s a lot of variety there if you’re willing to do the digging. And if you’re not willing to do the digging? That’s what I’m here for~.

Continuing on my Etsy journey, was a box from Be Good to Me. I decided to go ahead and buy the deluxe box for $58.37.

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Etsy Blind Dates with Books #1

Etsy Book Blind Dates #1: Marys Makes and Mends

Real talk for a second now, I’ve been disappointed with traditional book boxes. I know it’s old news, but I hate the shipping costs to Canada. A lot of times I’ll try to go order from the States and find out that it costs more to ship than the actual package does. Especially with the dollar not where we’d want it to be, it’s so expensive to get book boxes and I had to cancel a lot of my subscriptions.

That left this hole in my heart though. I really looked forward to getting a subscription box and with the world in a global pandemic, those little moments of joy were needed more than ever.

So I turned to Etsy.

Send help, I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. Etsy has so many interesting mystery boxes on it and I wanted to try out some new ways to get interesting boxes. First for myself, and then in the future for gifts.

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