The Best Bookish Gifts on Etsy

As I’ve mentioned in my Etsy book club series, I’ve been getting addicted to a lot of Etsy products. During quarantine it’s been a great way for me to explore markets from smaller creators and find some real gems. Shopping through Etsy feels like walking through a farmer’s market. You never know exactly what you’re going to find. Plus, it’s a gold mine for Bookish Gifts.

Just like my post on Book Subscription Boxes these are all gifts I’ve either received myself or bought for others. I can speak to the quality of all of these gifts. My favourite gifts can all be found on my Etsy profile, but if you want to have it all broken down, keep reading!

For full transparency, this blog post contains affiliate links. If you want to click through them, I will make a little bit of money off of your purchases. This is no extra cost to you, it just helps me keep the blog afloat! It’s a win-win where I get to make money for hosting costs and also share some really cool things that I love.

With that said, let’s go!

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