Etsy Blind Dates with Books #2

Etsy Blind Dates #2: Be Good To Me Book Box

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while knows that I have an ongoing feud with the shipping costs in Canada. The TLDR of it is that it’s super expensive to ship within Canada. If you’re on a budget and want to give yourself a treat, then it can feel like your options just aren’t there. Who wants to buy a book box where the shipping is most of the cost?

More traditional book boxes have failed me, so I started looking in other places. Etsy was a really good find. While the shipping costs can still be out of control, there’s a lot of variety there if you’re willing to do the digging. And if you’re not willing to do the digging? That’s what I’m here for~.

Continuing on my Etsy journey, was a box from Be Good to Me. I decided to go ahead and buy the deluxe box for $58.37.

What is Be Good to Me?

Be Good to Me was a random book box find for me. It’s not a subscription box and it’s not the kind of box that you’re getting entirely for the book. This is a box to look at if you’re also really looking for quality goods at the same time. Unlike Life’s Library, they seem to stick to the more popular books and you control the genre that you’re picking.

I was intrigued by the goods that were on offer here. I was buying right before Christmas, so everything is winter themed, but there’s was a quality to it that I wasn’t used to seeing in random book boxes. These are high quality goods for what felt like a good price. That said, all of these goods have less to do with a book theme and more to do with general wellness.

You’re able to see all the goods that you’ll get on the Etsy page so only the book itself was hidden. This way you can gauge whether or not this is the right box for you. For me, I stayed away from the food centric boxes and focused in on that sweet, sweet loot.

Be Good to Me Book Box

Physical Goods

Like I said, I was able to see the goods on the Etsy page and only the book itself was hidden, so I knew I was going to get some bang for my buck no matter what. First off, I love the goods in here. There were beautiful socks, adorable eye masks, a beautiful hand-made flower bookmark, and some bath salts I can’t wait to use. All of it felt incredibly professional and I’d be happy to purchase from Be Good to Me again.

The price for the book that was sent feels incredibly fair and the box is impeccably put together. It is fantastic.

The only thing that let me down? The book.

Now, I want to caveat this by saying that this is my personal feelings on it. I don’t tend to read books that are on sale at Shoppers simply because they’re not my type of book. That said, I skipped out on the romance version of this box because I didn’t like the author and went for Thriller instead. When I unwrapped the box to find a book by Dean Koontz, I was disappointed.

That said, the book is fantastic quality and entirely new. This is not a used book that I was getting and there was no question that it had been bought specifically for this box.


Pricing with shipping is $58.37 CAD with the shipping being $8.50.

Consider what I got for that:

  • 1 Dean Koontz book that’s brand new (probably around $8 to $10)
  • A new pair of high-quality socks.
  • Lindor chocolate.
  • Bath salts
  • A handmade flower bookmark made out of yarn.
  • Cooling eye gel masks
  • A 8 oz. scented candle
  • A small biscotti

If you compare the pricing of almost any other book box, they’re doing exceptionally well and I didn’t feel like I was overpaying.

Should you get a Be Good to Me book box?

– High quality goods that feel like you’re being spoiled
– Pricing is reasonable and shipping is downright cheap for the size of the box.
– They’re very responsive and will answer any questions you have.
– The book feels like it’s secondary to the goods rather than being the star of the show
– There’s no real surprise about what you get in the box. You can see it all before you buy.

I’m definitely going to buy another box as a gift for someone whenever another occasion comes up and if there are more book choices, I’d order again for myself too.

If you like more mainstream authors and aren’t as picky as me about books, I cannot recommend this box highly enough. On top of that, the shipping is incredibly reasonable. It’s SO reasonable that I can’t find anything to complain about. It’s only $8.50 for the entire box which is way less than anything offered by comparable boxes.

Get Your Be Good To Me Book Box Today!

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Be Good to Me Bookbox Review

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