The Daemoniac by Kat Ross – Review

The Daemoniac
Kat Ross
Historical Fiction, Mystery
The Daemoniac
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In three weeks, Jack the Ripper will terrorize London in the slum called Whitechapel, but across the pond in New York, there’s another serial killer who is taunting investigators. Fingerprints that are burned into skin, the smell of sulpher, and messages in Latin… all seem like a demon, but that’s silly. Demons don’t exist.

In The Daemoniac, Consulting detective Harrison Fearing Pell certainly doesn’t think so and even if her uncle, Arthur Conan Doyle is a believer, it will take more than a few cheap tricks to pull the wool over her eyes.

She’s brought into the case to look for a missing person and as Harrison (fondly known as Harry) moves closer to the culprit, the more it seems like the world is being turned on its head.

Is magic real? Can’t be and Harry’s set on proving it.

Let’s just get this out of the way, I loved this book. This is what I wanted from Lock and Mori: a clean mystery that feels authentically connected to Sherlock Holmes. It is exactly what I needed after reading some truly horrendous books. The Daemoniac‘s characters have good chemistry and if they feel a little stiff, it works for the time period.

Beyond being a gripping thriller, there are cute little Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout the book.

Harry is charming and believable, far removed from the unpleasantness of Sherlock as a character.

“Doctor” John Weston is also great with neither character needing to be weakened to make the other appear stronger.

I am a huge fan of well-done historical fiction and the descriptions felt perfect with just enough flights of fancy to make me wonder if there was a conspiracy at work here.

The most impressive thing that the Daemoniac does is surpass paying homage to Sherlock Holmes to develop its own presence entirely.

An exciting and well-written mystery with characters you can’t help, but fall in love with.

The Daemoniac

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