A Time for Everything by Brona Mills – Review

A Time for Everything
by Brona Mills
Romance, Time Travel
A Time for Everything
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When Michael turns twenty years old, he’s visited by a mysterious woman who changes his life forever.

Part fairy godmother, part guardian angel, Audrey is a time-traveller who has come to change Michael’s life for the better. Imagine if you knew the future, if you knew what would make people better and what would make your life into what you wanted.

Would you take it if you knew there were consequences to it?

An exceptional life means exceptional risks and Michael needs to decide whether he’s willing to pay that price.

When I first started reading this novel, I immediately started getting flashbacks to the Time Traveller’s Wife.

I mean, it’s to be expected. We’ve got a novel that deals with time travel, with knowing the future, and trying to be content with stolen time. Hell, the name of the time travelling character is Audrey, which I thought was a cute little nod to the Time Traveller’s Wife if it was intentional. I was settled in to read something that wasn’t as good, but A Time for Anything has enough flair of its own to make me feel like I’m reading a different novel.

If you’re a fan of Time Travel narratives, then there isn’t really anything in this novel that would surprise you.

There are just enough twists though to keep the novel interesting and the characters feel genuine enough that I was able to enjoy the novel. Romance novels aren’t really my thing, but A Time for Everything didn’t fall into the romance trap of only focusing on the main character.

Instead, the world that they live in feels more vibrant. There are side characters who have their own lives and their own goals which helped to make the world feel more vast.

I would recommend this for anyone who’s looking for a breezy (but not necessarily light-hearted read) and who loves their Time Travel narratives.

A quality time travel adventure worthy of the best romance writers of the day.

A Time for Everything

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