The Wordy Traveler: June Unboxing

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a junkie for nonfiction that has us travelling around the world, so when I heard about The Wordy Traveler crate, I knew that I had to have it.

The crate focuses in on helping out armchair explorers while also giving back to the communities through donations. So not only did I get some awesome books to read, but I’d get ethically sourced tea, and be able to send money toward a child.

I cannot begin to explain how psyched I was for this crate and I even rushed home from a work party to make it to the post office before it closed. I picked up the box, probably smiling like an idiot at it, when I heard a small sound that made my heart sink. When I moved the box there was a chorus of “tink” sounds, too many of them for it just to be the glass tea cup touching the saucer.

I rushed home and opened the box only to have my dismay confirmed. The Turkish tea cup that had been included in the box had been smashed into tiny pieces. That was bad enough, but as I went through the contents of the box I realized that not only had the cup broken, but the glass had effectively destroyed every other item in the box.

I could tell, even though the items were damaged, that they were beautiful.

The Wordy Traveler had sent me a cornucopia of traveler’s delights, but I couldn’t enjoy any of them.

Frantic, I sent out an email to Cindy, who runs the subscription box and she was immediately sympathetic. Everything was broken and I couldn’t make use of anything that I had spent my money on. Cindy had another box sent out to me without any questions about it and that was exactly what I needed in that moment. I was ready to swear off subscription boxes altogether when she sent an email that both calmed me down and reassured me.

In the new box was everything that had been in the last one, except there was no damage.

I apologize for the poor quality, looks like my phone was acting up.

Everything in the Wordy Traveler Box

I loved everything in this box and was so excited, but what really got me was that through subscribing to this box, I was able to get a year’s worth of textbooks for a girl somewhere in the world. It’s a way of giving back and making a difference even as you explore the world from your own apartment and that, more than anything, is what sets The Wordy Traveler apart from other subscription boxes.

There is so much heart in every box.

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